Las vegas, NV

It used to be the casinos made money on gambling, nowadays that is not enough, they add so called resort fees which are NOT optional, so it is just an increase of the room cost that unfortunately does not show up on search-systems. Hopefully we will get some laws around this soon, a fee for the purpose of making money should be legally bound to belong to room rate. Additionally in 2016 they started charging for parking at most hotels on the strip. I can understand the business case where they dont want people to just use them as parking garage for airport travel, but it seems to me a way to keep people away, at least the ones that are driving. I think they should allow free self parking for any duration less than 12 hours, and free 24/7 for hotel guests.

So anyway, I recommend you spend your money at places that do not charge for parking, park the free places, walk about all other hotels and look at all the free things, but do your gambling and shopping and eating at the one that gave you parking - if everyone did this those parking fees should start going away soon.

Sokna, Norway


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